Melissa Mars by Nathalie Sicard

Me! By Nathalie Sicard for her Portraits & Vegetal theme.
What?! you don’t recognize me? The reason you can’t see me, is that there was a time when my head was always dived in the flowers... I was the Queen Bee... No I’m not crazy lol, that was the title of my second album (LA REINE DES ABEILLES, published by Polydor Universal Music), and the title of a song (quite sexy, that’s the least I can say :)) we created about a bee going from a flower to the next... but not just any random bee... the Queen! Haha! Why a bee? Because the etymological root of my name Melissa is BEE, from the Ancient Greek!
And by the way... I took classes in middle school to learn Ancient Greek... I know that sounds crazy to me too. But I did. We were about 6 brave ones in class. Always have loved languages, words... And at a time I spoke 6 of them!!! (Now 4)

Anyways I digress... because I love to use words... too much... Well I hope you learned something today or had a smile or liked this picture that is exhibited right now*** with other pictures by this incredible artist Nathalie Sicard I had the honor to work with. If you’re around... it’s at La Menuiserie in Lyon, in France

  • ***Originally posted on FB on May 3rd 2019. (The exhibition is over by now. ;))